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This high-quality product uses modern technology and materials to further improve the dustproof, waterproof and anti-fog function of the spectacle lens. .
We aim to provide the highest quality mobile tunnel kiln.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
China Mobile Tunnel Kiln With Most Mature Technology
Our Mobile tunnel kiln adopts negative moisture exiting, and the top of the kiln is installed with one small blower for more precision drying temperature controlling.
China Best Mobile Tunnel Kiln for Clay Bricks Production
Our mobile tunnel kiln technology is best in China not only in kiln capacity ,but also in fuel consumption. Welcome to visit our running plant .Our mobile tunnel kiln can fire solid bricks and hollow bricks.
High Quality Clay Bricks from Our Mobile Tunnel Kiln
This short video was taken in South Africa second rotary mobile tunnel kiln. You can see that the quality of our rotary mobile kiln brick is very high.
Professional Automatic Mobile Ring Tunnel Kiln Clay Brick Production Factory manufacturers
This is a video of the ignition of our new rotary ring tunnel kiln in 2023. The high-end kiln and high brick quality make customers very satisfied.
VP90  South Africa 200000 bricks per day fully automatic rotary tunnel kiln brick plant
This automatic mobile tunnel kiln clay brick plant is our third turnkey fully automatic clay brick plant in South Africa.
The advantages of the new energy-saving mobile rotary tunnel kiln
Compared with the traditional ordinary tunnel kiln, the new energy-saving and environment-friendly mobile rotary tunnel kiln are stacked at the bottom of the ring kiln at one time, and the relative movement required in the brick-making process is completed by the movement of the kiln body, so the kiln car and its supporting facilities are not required. The section of traditional tunnel kiln is generally 2.7-4.5m. The construction cost of tunnel kiln larger than this section is very high, while the section of circular rotary mobile tunnel kiln can reach more than 12M, and the construction cost is far lower than that of tunnel kiln.
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