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China Mobile tunnel kiln for burning clay brick manufacturers - Yingfeng Machinery
We are the first one kiln company to develop and establish new structure mobile rotary tunnel kiln , and this technology have obtained patent in China with 12 China national practical new-type patents. We are the first and the only one company of obtaining ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification in China’s wall materials firing kiln company by now.
Full automatic clay brick making plant tunnel kiln,tunnel dryer technology
Full automatic clay brick making plant tunnel kiln is combined with tunnel dryer which makes drying more efficient.
Drying and firing integrated Linear Assembled tunnel kiln
Compared with the traditional tunnel kiln, the drying and firing integrated tunnel kiln has a simpler operation, lower investment, and saves energy consumption by more than 20%.
Fully Automatic Twice Stacking Ceramic Face Brick Tunnel Kiln
Fully Automatic Twice Stacking Ceramic Face Brick Tunnel Kiln.Quality guarantee plans and activities are developed to prevent nonconformities.
VP90 Yingfeng fully Automatic clay brick production line with tunnel kiln in China
Our rotary tunnel kiln fully automatic clay brick production line machine adopts the latest technology in China. The clay brick making machine all adopts China top quality technology. The whole system includes auto raw material processing, brick extruding, cutting and stacking, drying and firing .  The operation only need 10 workers.
VP75 Vacuum Clay Brick Production Line With Tunnel Kiln
This is our another VP75 Vacuum clay brick production line to South Africa.The high capacity and stable running makes buyers very happy . 
The advantages of the new energy-saving mobile rotary tunnel kiln
Compared with the traditional ordinary tunnel kiln, the new energy-saving and environment-friendly mobile rotary tunnel kiln are stacked at the bottom of the ring kiln at one time, and the relative movement required in the brick-making process is completed by the movement of the kiln body, so the kiln car and its supporting facilities are not required. The section of traditional tunnel kiln is generally 2.7-4.5m. The construction cost of tunnel kiln larger than this section is very high, while the section of circular rotary mobile tunnel kiln can reach more than 12M, and the construction cost is far lower than that of tunnel kiln.
Few points to be paid attention to when choosing a tunnel kiln
Although tunnel kiln is a very good firing equipment in the brick and tile industry, if it is not selected properly, it will still not achieve its excellent use effect, and even give people the illusion that tunnel kiln is not easy to use and cannot be used, not as good as other kilns , ruined the reputation of the tunnel kiln.
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