JKRL Clay Wire Cut Brick Making Machine

The above mixing stage is made of two sets of extruding auger, not common mixing blades, therefore, it is much better for hard raw material, and raw extruding after 2 times extruding, upper and lower extruding, will become more solid. Therefore brick quality is much higher.



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Technical Parameters

ModelAuger diameterCapacity Up to (t/h)Extruder Power(KW)Production Line


routine maintenance

Machine should be regularly maintained, especially the bearing showing in diagram III and IV. In accordance with the requirements of Table II and Table III, all rotating parts of the lubrication points should be checked and cleaned regularly. Establish a regular lubrication system to add grease in order to keep the equipment in good condition. This reducer gear of this machine should be oiled with10 # gear oil to the amount that the oil can splash when the gear goes into the oil pool.Penetrate the oil pool with oil penetrating needle to ensure the oil level is above the oil penetrating needle.Penetrate the oil pool with oil penetrating needle to ensure the oil level is above the oil penetrating needle. The 100 # gear oil should be replaced after two mouths for the first time,and after that six months.Shut down the machine when you replace the gear oil.The main bearing chamber oil tank and gearbox should be filled with 30 # machine oil.


1.Establish a feasible maintenance system, according to the work situation.

2.Check the bearing and wearing parts regularly, and promptly repair or replace the ones that can not meet the precision demands. Make a certain number of wearing parts ready.

3. Pay special attention to the gap between the outer edge of the reamer and the bushings; if the gap is greater than 10mm, promptly repair or replace the reamer and bushings.

4.Replace the relevant parts of the ring and seals regularly.

5.If the diameter of hollow brick mouth core sets is greater than 2mm, replace them timely.

6. Clean up impurities and wast oil in clutch of large pulley regularly,and replace the friction plate when the thickness of it is less than 5mm.

7.Ensure that the reducer output shaft and the reamer spindle is on the same axis when the machine need reinstalled after the maintenance in order to fasten bolts of various parts and prevent damage to the main parts, such as main reamer spindle and its bearings installed, etc..

8.Disassembly method of clutch : First, remove bolts of the big wheel bearing and clamp nuts with pipe wrench or other equivalent tools, and at the same time the big wheel bearing will be removed; then adjust the wire hole with Lo Pressure clutch and rod to extrude the pulley and its assembly outward and move the thread to its original position when its length is not enough,and next put two same thick pads to the gap between minions and friction disc (the thickness of the pad should be no less than 15mm, not on the friction disc) and then extrude outward.The big pulley will be removed finally.

Disassemble and maintain the machine in order. assembly the pulley in the same order, keep it straight to the bearing steps and squeeze it to meet the belt with compression nut.(Chart five for reference)

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