Full automatic clay brick making plant tunnel kiln,tunnel dryer technology

Full automatic clay brick making plant tunnel kiln is combined with tunnel dryer which makes drying more efficient.



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Production Process of mobile rotary tunnel kiln body

01  Less investment and lower maintenance cost

Freeing from kiln car and no need construction materials (Clay bricks, sand, cement, etc.) for the kiln construction, the investment value and maintenance cost of mobile rotary kiln is lower than that of traditional tunnel kiln.

02 Energy saving and less coal consumption

Superior insulation performance of the kiln body and less heat loss, fully recyclable use of waste heat, mud bricks staying outside of the kiln for more than 50 hours to gurantee lower moisture content of the mud bricks when it go inside of the kiln for drying, which quicken the drying speed and improve the drying quality.

03 Fully automatic operation of the kiln

The kiln as a whole realizes one-button start-up intelligent control system, and the intelligent burning system automatically reads and calculates the sensor signals for temperature, humidity and pressure collected by each collection module of the kiln. By adjusting the frequency converter to control the air blowing volume intelligently and get designed burning temperature so that the blowing air, bricks and internal burning of the bricks can be optimally matched and the kiln operates at a higher efficiency to achieve the purpose of reducing internal burning consumption.

04 Easy maintenance and less maintenance cost.

Compact steel structure and aluminum silicate refractory fiber of less weight can reduce the kiln thermal expansion and contraction stress.

05 Environmental friendly and and no leakage of waste flu gas.

Dying by positive pressure at drying section, flu gas recyclable by micro-negative pressure, moisture eliminating by concentration, waste flu gas purifying by mobile type, which gurantee the clean working conditions and no additional corrosion on the steel structure of the workshop.

06Simple structure and easy installation.

The kiln body adopt detachable steel structure of H steel and steel plate combination, and is easy for maintenance and installation.

07 Short kiln construction time.

The mobile rotary kiln can be finished within 4 months. All the kiln parts of the kiln is prefabricated in standardized and large-scale production in factory by uniform specifications, and installed on the plant site.

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