Reasons and solutions of affecting bricks quality

November 26, 2021

Most of brick factory owners spent a lot of time and fianace to start their brick factories, however,not all of them get success, the reasons is that before starting clay brick factory, they did not conduct enough study and servey. To avoid investment loss for clay brick production, we have made the following summary for the common phenomenon of poor quality bricks and common mistakes the new clay brick facotry owners always make.

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1, Malformed adobe, appears large cracks. In more serious cases, the whole adobe will split.

Reasons: the plasticity index of pug is too low, almost no plasticity.

Solution: to increase the plasticity index of raw materials, such as clay, coal slime or clay agent, etc.

For raw materials of low plasticity index, it can also be improved after aging, watering, stirring, rolling, extruding and other methods.

2, The body of adobe is not smooth, the obvious particles, more sand pits, and horns or flutes are missing.

Reasons: The shatter of raw materials does not meet the requirements of making bricks because there is much large particles.

Solutions: Install fine grinding equipment, as required for crushing the raw materials to make particles 3 mm or less.

Some kiln owners are not willing to spend money in equipping the machinery of raw material pre-treatment, such as roller crusher,double shaftmixers. Some kilns are only equipped with a pair of rollers, some only with mixers, some even neither of them. How can we get good bricks if there are bricks, tile, stone and other debris in the mud raw materials? Even if it is hard to send someone to pick them out clean. The fundamental way to solve the problem is equipped with auxiliary equipment.

3, The quality of adobe is unstable, sometimes good and sometimes poor.

Reasons: uneven mixing of raw materials

Solutions: Increase the mixer and feeder

Some brick factories are not equipped with rollers and mixers, even without the feeders, all by artificially feeding into the brick machine with shovel, which inevitably occurs two major drawbacks.①, raw material soil cannot be stirred and mixed well. The plasticity of raw soil is not exactly the same, and sometimes the disparity is very great, the Yellow River sludge is like that.②, the inside fuels such as coal, coal gangue, slime and others cannot be stirred evenly. The two heterogeneous, will inevitably lead to the instability of adobes’ quality.

4, malformed adobe and mud column, will spread immediately after cutting.

Reasons: Failure of the vacuum chamber

Solutions: a, improve the maintenance, service, repair technology of brick machine to ensure the normal function of brick machines’ properties. b, make the necessary technical transformation

    b, Another reason for resulting in failure of the vacuum chamber, is the sand-based raw material, so the closed mud layer of the upper auger is too thin, easy to be drawn through, causing the vacuum failure, so the adobe could not be molded. The best way to solve this problem is to change the ratio of raw materials, to increase the plasticity index of raw materials. The other way is to cut the front end of the superiors auger to 2-10 centimeters according to the material properties of soil (must be conducted under the guidance of skilled technical personnel, don’t do it by yourself).

5, Many brick cracks on adobes or broke into two sections, more wastes after sintering.

Reasons: There are too many viscous ingredients in raw materials, so the plasticity index is too high.

Solutions: change the ratio of raw materials, reduce the plasticity index. The plasticity index of clay can be up to 25, can be properly incorporated into the coal ash, slag, fly ash or waste of brick powder to make it thin.

6, Soft adobe, easy to form, or crack after cutting.

Reason: the improper control of moisture in the mud.

Solution: soft adobe, easy to be deformed, showing that the water of sludge is too much, should reduce water. If the mud column quickly occurs crack or split of mud column after molding, which is caused by too little water in mud, it can be solved by increasing appropriate water.

7. Brick production capacity not stable

Reason: Not equip with box feeder

Solution : Some brick factory owners in order to save money, they refuse to use box feeder but some labors to feed soil manually .Therefore, soil feeding amount is not stable,sometimes more than what the extruder need, some times, less what extruder need, thus greatly influencing production capacity.

All in all, there are all kinds of raw materials to make bricks, in addition to the different climate, some abnormal situations inevitably occur in the production and it is really hard to avoid. If there are problems, knowing the following two points will be easy. One isto havea team with a strong sense of responsibility and a technical team ofprofessional mechanics. Two is to timely communicate high and difficult technical problems with industry colleagues.

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