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Zhengzhou Yingfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide the most efficient services and Automatic Temperature Controlling Nature Gas Ceramic Shuttle Kiln burners with the highest quality and most affordable price. Automatic Temperature Controlling Nature Gas Ceramic Shuttle Kiln burners is a good example to showcase our research and development capability. In the future,Automatic Temperature Controlling Nature Gas Ceramic Shuttle Kiln burners will increase more capital and technology investment to continuously improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive to remain invincible in the market forever.

Applicable Industries:Hotels, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair ShopsShowroom Location:Bangladesh, South Africa, Uzbekistan
Brick Raw Material:ClayProcessing:Brick Production Line
Method:Vacuum ExtruderAutomatic:Yes
Production Capacity (Pieces/8 hours):Other, 4480 pcs/8hours, 2500 pcs/8hours, 1500 pcs/8hours, 1280 pcs/8hours, 2560 pcs/8hours, 1000 pcs/8hours, 800 pcs/8hoursPlace of Origin:Henan, China
Brand Name:YingfengVoltage:220~440V
Dimension(L*W*H):CustomrizedWarranty:3 years
Key Selling Points:AutomaticBrick size:200*200*60 mm, 150*150*100 mm, Other, 400*200*200 mm, 230*220*115 mm
Machinery Test Report:ProvidedVideo outgoing-inspection:Provided
Marketing Type:Ordinary ProductWarranty of core components:3 years
Core Components:PLC, Motor, Bearing, GearboxWeight (KG):10000 kg
fuel:gas, oil, wood, electricity

The shuttle kiln is a kiln fired intermittently, similar in structure to a matchbox. The kiln car is pushed into the kiln for firing. After firing, it is pulled out in the opposite direction to unload the fired ceramics. The kiln car is like a shuttle, so it is called a shuttle kiln. Shuttle Kiln.

The shuttle kiln is a batch kiln, which can not only meet the continuous large-scale production, but also can be used for small-scale intermittent production. The production method and time arrangement are very flexible. industrial equipment.

Shuttle kilns are classified according to the energy used: natural gas furnaces, gas generators and direct coal-fired furnaces. Natural gas furnaces are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and have a high maximum temperature. In the early stage, natural gas pipelines need to be opened or filled with gas, and a special natural gas burner needs to be configured. The gas gas generator is mainly composed of furnace body, air supply system, water supply system, coal feeding mechanism, slag discharge device, coke gas, electrical control system, etc.

Automatic Temperature Controlling Nature Gas Ceramic Shuttle Kiln burners

production system
The production system of shuttle kiln is composed of fuel supply and combustion equipment, combustion fan, flue gas-air heat exchanger, tempering fan and exhaust fan. The kiln body of the shuttle kiln is rectangular. The masonry of the kiln wall is divided into three layers along the thickness direction. The working lining is made of high-strength and high-grade refractory insulation bricks. on the kiln wall. The roof of the kiln adopts a flat ceiling structure, and the masonry is also divided into three layers. for the sealing layer.
Since the kiln door is often moved, the masonry of the kiln door is two-layered, the inner layer is high-strength and high-grade heat-insulating bricks, and the outer layer is an insulating layer, which is pasted on the metal shell of the kiln door with refractory fiber felt. The burners are installed on the kiln wall, and there are one or two rows depending on the height of the kiln. The kiln car table is used as the bottom of the kiln, and the kiln roof and kiln wall form the firing space of the kiln. The main flue is left in the center of the lining brick of the kiln car, which is connected to the underground flue. One end (or both ends) of the kiln is provided with a kiln door, and the kiln door can be set separately or built at the end of the kiln car. The skirts on both sides of the kiln car are inserted into the sand sealing groove of the kiln wall. There are curved sealing grooves between the kiln car and the kiln car, between the kiln car and the end wall and the kiln door. There are many ventilation holes in the lower part of the sand sealing groove of the kiln wall, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation at the bottom of the kiln car and prolongs the service life of the kiln car.


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