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Applicable Industries:Building Material ShopsShowroom Location:Peru, India, Argentina, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
Condition:NewType:Hollow Block Making Machine, Paving Block Making Machine, Interlock Block Making Machine, Curbstone Block Machine, Other, Autoclaved aerated concrete block (AAC)
Brick Raw Material:ClayProcessing:Brick Production Line
Method:Hydraulic pressureAutomatic:Yes
Production Capacity (Pieces/8 hours):OtherPlace of Origin:Henan, China
Brand Name:YingfengVoltage:220~440V
Dimension(L*W*H):12X2.5X2.9Warranty:2 years
Key Selling Points:Famous brand motorBrick size:400*100*200 mm, 400*120*200 mm, 200*100*60 mm, 300*150*100 mm, 400*150*200 mm, 240*115*90 mm, 200*200*60 mm, 150*150*100 mm, 400*200*200 mm, 230*220*115 mm
Machinery Test Report:ProvidedVideo outgoing-inspection:Provided
Marketing Type:New ProductWarranty of core components:3 years
Core Components:PLC, Engine, Gear, Motor, GearboxWeight (KG):18900 kg

Product Introduction

This packing machine design and maintance is very simple 
This machine is suitable for all kinds of kiln.

Only need 4 labors to operate but no need wooden pallets.

Technical features:
The automatic brick unloading and packing machine is the equipment for the automatic unloading and packing of finished bricks after the firing of the sintered brick enterprises. The automatic brick unloading and packing unit mainly focuses on the adhesion and deformation of the sintered bricks after firing. A set of reasonable brick unloading, marshalling, palletizing, and packaging process plans. This plan is the first and mature post-kiln automation solution in China. The unit adopts a large number of advanced control technologies. The horizontal movement of the unloading and palletizing devices and the rotation of the gripper are all controlled by servo motors. The servo control system can not only achieve rapid and stable action, but also according to the brick stack after firing. Adjust the actual situation to improve the equipment’s ability to adapt to the brick stack; the brick unloading clamp is a new structure that has obtained a national invention patent. It can effectively solve the problem of adhesion between the upper and lower layers in the process of unloading bricks and prevent the lower bricks from being It moves during the process of clamping the bricks by the hand to ensure the reliability of the brick unloading machine. The guide rails used in the equipment are all machine guide rails, which have long service life and easy maintenance. The palletizing clamps are lifted by soft belts, and the movements are soft and no impact to ensure the reliability of the equipment.Fully autotmaic Semi-auto robot arm stacker clay cement brick packing package machineTechnical Parameters:

Fully autotmaic Semi-auto robot arm stacker clay cement brick packing package machineFully autotmaic Semi-auto robot arm stacker clay cement brick packing package machine1, the single-layer unloading cycle is less than 45 seconds;
2. Applicable brick types: standard bricks and 90 perforated bricks, the same stack shape does not need to replace the brick unloading clamp;
3. Installed power: the total power is 60KW;
4. Suitable kiln type: 2.5--12.0m.

Technical advantages:
Automatic brick unloading and packaging technology is a set of interlocking technology package, with three major inventions including "composite brick unloading technology", "cross stacking technology with automatic forklift hole reservation", and "palletless packaging technology". Patented technology is representative, incorporating a number of technological innovation achievements. The fully automatic brick unloading and packing unit launched on this basis truly meets the practical requirements of design concept, sophisticated equipment structure, simple operation, stable production capacity, and the trend of automation after the kiln.
value of customer:
Automatic brick unloading and packaging unit can bring many benefits to customers:
1. The daily unloading of bricks (standard bricks) is as high as 400,000, and each class only needs 3 people to complete;
2. High brick unloading efficiency, fast turnover of kiln car;
3, the loading and unloading truck is faster and the operation cycle is shorter;
4. The brick stack is more stable, and the transportation radius can be increased by 2-3 times.
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