Product Introduction

Rotary tunnel kiln is improved and upgraded from traditional tunnel kiln.

Its biggest characteristic is the adobes stay still while the body of rotary kiln moves.

Kiln body are all steel structure,the circular orbit,once upon a time,in turn, divided into the dry period, preheating section, after roasting,cooling,heat preservation paragraphs. Machine and kiln body synthetic operation,iin order to characterize code. Rotation movement of the kiln body in orbit intermittent forward, front eat bricks, back end spit finished bricks,in turn ,drying, preheating,roasting,cooling,the whole process of bricks.

Fuel:natural gas,coal,diesel oil,etc.


1. Drying and firing won't be influenced by weather condition
2. Saving drying plastic cover costs compared with hoffman or clamp kiln
3. Saving labor costs ,no need labors to convey adobe bricks.
4. Can get more finished bricks with more than 97% finished brick rate
5. Less maintenance costs without kiln cars compared with tunnel kiln
6. Saving enery compared with tunnel kiln ,as drying time is longer than normal tunnel kiln.

Our V.R. for our Rotary tunnel kiln (please click the following photo):

Our running project:

Technical parameter:

Section width

Capacity (pcs/day)

5.6 m

70,000~100,000 Standard brick

6.8 m

100,000~150,000 Standard brick

10.8 m

200,000~250,000 Standard brick

13 m

300,000~350,000 Standard brick

15.6 m

500,000~600,000 Standard brick


Rotary Kiln Furnace Manufactures in Brick Industry


Yingfeng Automatic Rotary tunnel kiln clay brick project from kai yingfeng on Vimeo.

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