Qt4-24b Cheap Cement Brick Making Machine

Qt4-24b Cheap Cement Brick Making Machine

2, The body of adobe is not smooth, the obvious particles, more sand pits, and horns or flutes are missing.

Reasons: The shatter of raw materials does not meet the requirements of making bricks because there is much large particles.

Solutions: Install fine grinding equipment, as required for crushing the raw materials to make particles 3 mm or less.

Qt4-24b Cheap Cement Brick Making Machine

5, Many brick cracks on adobes or broke into two sections, more wastes after sintering.

Reasons: There are too many viscous ingredients in raw materials, so the plasticity index is too high.

Solutions: change the ratio of raw materials, reduce the plasticity index. The plasticity index of clay can be up to 25, can be properly incorporated into the coal ash, slag, fly ash or waste of brick powder to make it thin.

Qt4-24b Cheap Cement Brick Making Machine

What’s the difference between Vacuum extruder and non-vacuum extruder?

1) Vacuum brick extruder can make three kinds of brick:solid brick, porous brick and hollow bricks. To produce different kinds of bricks by changing the different brick die;

2) Another type is the common clay brick machine, non vacuum brick extruder, can only produce solid bricks. Vacuum brick is extruded out of the vacuum extruder. And non-vacuum extruder has no extraction equipment, so the brick hardness is lower than vacuum brick;

3) The vacuum brick machine is first extracted with air and water and then fired, the production time and firing time is shorter, rapid prototyping.Greatly reducing the production cycle time.

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