Dfy3-20 Cement Sand Brick Making Machine

Dfy3-20 Cement Sand Brick Making Machine

This is still the result after revalidation according to the geotechnical test method,which fully demonstrates that the current geotechnical test method used in the brick and tile industry can’t correctly reflect the characteristics of raw materials such as coal gangue and shale during processing and forming.In order to further prove the fact that raw materials such as shale or coal gangue relys on reducing the particles size to obtain plasticity, the hard shale in a place near Shijiazhuang was crushed into two groups in the laboratory.One group all can pass 0.9 mm sieve; the other can all pass 0.5 mm sieve.However, the shale of the same mineral composition differs greatly in its plasticity index only due to its different grain sizes, one being 4.8% (0.9 mm) and the other being 8.9% (0.5 mm).In order to further verify this phenomenon, this two groups were blended together in different proportions to determine their plasticity index, drying line shrinkage rate and drying sensitivity index. The results are shown in the following table.

Dfy3-20 Cement Sand Brick Making Machine

VP Hard plastic vacuum brick extruder USA technology

1. Reducing raw materail moisture, lower drying cost

2. It is suitable for low, medium and high plastic raw material 

3.It is suitable for one and twice stacking ,therefore simplying production chart, saving investment

4.Finished product with higher density and higher strenger,not easy to be damaged while pakcing ,transporting and construction.


Dfy3-20 Cement Sand Brick Making Machine


1.Strong applicability, lower energy consumption,the extruder only 11 KW;

2.The raw material for making bricks can be soil,mud;

3.Solid brick is the best choice;

4.The brick extruder has taken manual brick strip cutter and brick blank cutter.

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