Qt4-15s Cement Interlocking Brick Machine

Qt4-15s Cement Interlocking Brick Machine

The civil construction scope for air compressor stations, plumbing, substations, fire pump rooms, etc. includes drying kiln, roasting kiln, ferry car,hydraulic pusher,return tractor,traction machine, winch, tidal fan, blower, kiln cooling fan,pipeline , heat exchanger,kiln car production, track and so on.

Qt4-15s Cement Interlocking Brick Machine

Different types of augers are available to adapt for varying clay requirements and shaping conditions:

1.Highly wear resistant chromium alloy

2.Steel alloys with chromium or tungsten carbides resurfacing

3.Steel alloy

Qt4-15s Cement Interlocking Brick Machine

1. Strong applicability, high output. Good choice for big project;

2. The raw material for making bricks can be clay,fly ash,coal gangue,shale,urban construction waste,gangue waste,inferior soil,etc

3. High vacuum and pressure extrusion,can make strong solid bricks and hollow bricks with qualified holes. The size of solid brick and the holes of hollow bricks can be changed according to your needs.

4. This model is hot sale in Bangladesh, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria etc.

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