Qtj4-28 Cement Brick Block Making Machine

Qtj4-28 Cement Brick Block Making Machine

If the residual moisture rate after drying is less than 6%,the wet billet could be fired in the baking kiln.Hoffman kiln and tunnel kiln are normally used for roasting.When using Hoffman kiln, the brick code is manually placed in the kiln and the fire is roasted in the kiln.When using tunnel kiln,the brick code is manually or mechanically placed in the kiln cart.The kiln car enters kiln head and exits from the kiln tail. The brick blanks on the kiln car are roasted into bricks.The roasting flame in the kiln doesn’t move just the kiln cart.Whether using Hoffman kiln or tunnel kiln,this two conditions must be followed:1.never use underfire to produce unburnt brick.2.never use big fire to produce coke brick.It is often said that roasting is the key of the brick making process,which explains the importance of roasting in the brick making process.

Qtj4-28 Cement Brick Block Making Machine

Aging workshop:The crushing workshop completes all civil construction tasks inside and outside the crushing room and feeding room.Complete the plant closure work.Meet installation requirements of feeder boxes, belts, crushers, vibrating screens, back-feed belts, and aging conveyor belts etc.

Qtj4-28 Cement Brick Block Making Machine

 5:Preparation before production

1. organization construction

2. Make plans and regulations

3. Maintain and add equipment

4. Clean up the existing dry site and drying supplies

5. Maintain kiln

6. Maintain electrical equipment

7. Prepare sufficient fuel

8. Preparation of auxiliary items for production

9. Construct road and drainage

10. Prepare raw materials in advance

11. Ensure safety precautions

12. Run a test

13. Prepare spare parts

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