Concrete Cement Small Block Brick Making Machine

Concrete Cement Small Block Brick Making Machine

The natural drying is to place the wet billet on the billet stalk in the natural drying place,manually invert the code and use the atmosphere to wet the cold billet into a dry billet.Artificial drying is to use equipped artificial drying chamber to dry wet billet.The artificial drying room is divided into three types: large-section tunnel drying room, small-section tunnel drying room and chamber drying room.Whichever type is adopted, it is manually or mechanically placing wet billet on a drying truck,then put it into drying chamber.The heat medium in the drying chamber generally comes from the waste heat of the sintering kiln or the hot blast stove.Whichever drying method is adopted, it must be ensured that the blank will not be deformed or chapped during the drying process.If the wet billet can’t guarantee the appearance quality of the product during drying, it will cause high reject rate, falling output,increasing cost of the finished brick, which are definitely harmful to company economic efficiency.This shows the importance of drying wet billet in brick making process.

Concrete Cement Small Block Brick Making Machine

Civil work: including Chenhuachi, workshops, doors, windows, and roofs of aging workshop.Meet installation requirements of reversible spreaders, multi-bucket excavators and conveyor belts.At the same time, water supply and drainage and heating are completed.

Concrete Cement Small Block Brick Making Machine

 5:Preparation before production

1. organization construction

2. Make plans and regulations

3. Maintain and add equipment

4. Clean up the existing dry site and drying supplies

5. Maintain kiln

6. Maintain electrical equipment

7. Prepare sufficient fuel

8. Preparation of auxiliary items for production

9. Construct road and drainage

10. Prepare raw materials in advance

11. Ensure safety precautions

12. Run a test

13. Prepare spare parts

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